Company Profile

Greevo is a company dedicated to wind energy. We work to improve business case certainty and reduce the cost of energy for our customers.

has started to work in close partnership with customers to offer the most effective solutions towards energy independence. Our core business is the development, manufacturing, sale and maintenance of wind power plants – with competencies that cover every aspect of the value chain from site studies to service and maintenance.


Greevo History

Greevo launched in 2014 by a young entrepreneur Jawad Hasan who has earned his degrees in the field of engineering. He started Greevo with the interest in energy infrastructure development and supplying electricity to the remote areas where there is none. 2 years later in 2016 with our all out efforts we have installed G117-10 in Cox’s Bazar that is supplying electricity generated from the cleanest source to the community where there was no light in the past.

Greevo is a startup company that has been growing in the industry over time.


We have the passion to become the leader

To be the global wind leader to eliminate darkness.

GREEVO is completely committed to harvesting the prospective wind holds for our Earth’s energy supply. We started with a big dream, which has already made us the pioneer in the local industry. We aspire to continue down the path of full dedication to wind. We want to become the strongest brand in the industry, be the market leader measured by volume and stubborn to take GREEVO to the next level.

We deliver best wind power solution to benefit our customers and our planet.

Our current mission is fulfilling our customer’s’ objective in terms of wind power solutions. As we are the pioneers of Wind industry in Bangladesh, our goal is to supply electric power from our wind turbines to your home, farm, office, industries or a whole community with systems of different sizes and configurations. We strongly believe we will be able to supplement your electricity needs, lower your electricity bill or run completely off the grid.

Founder’s Speech

I always believe in two words, ‘Development’ and ‘Change’. When I was studying engineering I was always looking for a way to utilize my achievements for the development of communities that need it the most and which will bring positive changes into their lives. Almost half of the rural people do not have electricity access in Bangladesh. We are working to develop the rural communities and change the lifestyle by making wind turbines for the first time in Bangladesh. We are a team of confident young energetic people working on making the turbines more efficient, cost effective and affordable for the rural communities. We feel heavenly when we light the first bulb where nobody lit it before.