Wind Turbines


G117-10KW is the first Bangladeshi made wind turbine that has been designed considering low and medium wind conditions of the country.

The blades of the system are highly aerodynamic. The rotor starts spinning at 2.7m/s. A low rpm 3-phase permanent magnet alternator performs the mechanical to electrical conversion of power.

13m, 15m and 18m mast heights are available for the system depending on the local wind conditions.

G117-10 KW is an off grid system that fully runs on batteries. The hybrid electrical cabinet enables additional 3KW of Solar generated power to add with the system.

Technical Specifications

  • Rotor Diameter 6.7m
  • Blade materials Glass reinforced plastic
  • Rated Power 10KW
  • Maximum Power 16KW
  • Rated wind speed 11m/s
  • Startup wind speed 2.7m/s
  • Rated Revolution 200
  • Generator type Permanent Magnet, 3 Phase AC
  • Output Voltage AC220V

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Add our solar panels with our wind turbines to enhance the system reliability. We provide highly efficient commercial and residential solar panels available in the global market. The cost of hybrid system is 40% less than pure play solar system.

If your area is windy we recommend our hybrid system that reduces the cost and decreases the size of the battery bank. Only we provide wind-solar hybrid solution in the country that is suitable for rural residential use, Agricultural farms, Telecom operators and small and medium industries. A successful return on investment depends on a turbine’s/ panel’s smooth operation through out it’s service life. Harsh weather conditions over the course of a turbine’s/ panel’s typical 20-year service life can reduce the overall performance of a site, which may result in a loss of earnings and poor return on investment.

Our maintenance team ensures the highest possible output all the times, so your return on investment is more secure.